What Men Can Do

Men Can Start By:

  • Acting as a respectful male role model and promoting equality in your community.
  • Checking out community action or contacting domestic violence and sexual assault programs, men’s groups, or others to find out how to work together to prevent violence against women.
  • Bringing together male allies in your community to develop community-based solutions.
  • Hosting a training for men in your community.
  • Helping men in your community think about what it means to be a man and to show respect.
  • Advocating for federal, state, community, school, and organizational policy changes that supports equality and accountability.
  • Raising sons and daughters to understand respect, consent, and be a part of healthy and equal relationships.
  • Learning safe ways to intervene when you hear or see something that you think is wrong.
  • Creating messages at events, on the radio, or through posters that promote healthy relationships and a healthy male identity.
  • Remembering during sports or outdoor activities we have a chance to build character and skills for life not just on the field.
  • Considering and challenging the use of sexist or homophobic language. Learn and teach the language that promotes equality.


None of us have all of the answers. There are local organizations, state, and national resources to help.