The Facts

We, as men, can be allies and partners to ending violence in our communities and promoting safe and respectful relationships.

Why are more and more men getting involved in ending violence and promoting respect?

  • Whether we see it or not, violence is happening to our sisters, mothers, daughters, partners, friends all too often.
  • Alaska still ranks number one in the nation in sexual violence of men to women and often in the top five for domestic violence. We can create an Alaska without violence.
  • We need a comprehensive community solution – community solutions start with individuals like us.
  • Violence can only continue to happen in places that support violence.  We can help to change attitudes, policies, practices that end violence.
  • We as allies have influence with our friends, children, family members, church group members every time we hold up positive identities for men and boys.


As Alaskan Men we must:

  • build relationships based on respect and equality
  • speak out against violence in our society
  • have the strength to ask for help
  • share decision making and share power
  • respect diversity and the rights of those around us

We are clear that manhood is not defined by:

  • how many sexual partners you have
  • using violence against women or men
  • how much pain you can endure
  • how much power you can exert over others
  • or homophobia